Thiga is an international consulting firm dedicated to Product Management

Our business is to provide our partners with expertise and support along every step of the creation, roll-out and life of a digital Product. Our expertise spans from Product Strategy to in-house Product Design (UX & UI) and Product Ownership.

We are fundamentally agile, and strongly believe that agility is not just about software development: it is a mindset which empowers organisations to be more flexible, responsive to change and puts people at the heart of any endeavour.

How we work

Design Thinking

By employing a variety of techniques, build empathy with the people you are creating your product for. Many tools and methods are used to enable teams to come to a perfect understanding of who their user is and what his/her needs are.

Lean Startup

Reach Product Market fit by testing the assumptions made about key features with real users and measure the data acquired from experiments as early as possible.

Lean UX

Apply Lean UX to products to focus on the experience being designed, rather than deliverables. Test, learn and iterate to assess what works best for the business and the user.

Scrum & Kanban

Use well-known agile software development methodologies, such as Kanban and Scrum, to continuously deliver quality products to the market.

Our expertise is embodied by our three tribes

Product Strategy

Consulting assignments
In-house Product Strategists
Lean Startup, Design Sprint, Design Thinking
Internal and external analysis, benchmarking, brainstorming, creation of Lean Canvas, exploration of strengths and pain points, design of value propositions.

Product Design

In-house UX-Designer
In-house UI-Designer
Lean UX, Design Sprint, Design Thinking, Agile
Warm up workshops, user interviews, shadowing, personas, customer journeys, sketching, wireframing, prototyping, user testing, experience mapping.

Product Ownership

In-house Product Manager
In-house Product Owner
Agile, Scrum, Kanban, SAFe
Story mapping, user story writing, product backlog analysis & maintenance, poker planning, prioritisation, stand up meetings, sprints, showcases, retro, burndown.

Become a certified Product Manager

We train digital professionals in Product Management

Wether you are Project Manager, Developer, Business Analyst, Marketing Manager or Product Owner with a foot in agility we train you in Product Management.

Our training path allows you to achieve three levels of certification: Product Manager, Lead Product Manager and Head of Product.

Product Academy - Volume 1

A Guide to Agile Product Management

Written by our Thiguys, this book will give you the best practices to build the right product, and build it right.

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