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Product Manager Training

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This training is for digital professionals who want to discover Product Management

After an introduction to Design Thinking and Lean Startup, you will learn how to build the initial vision of a product and then continue to user testing techniques and rapid prototyping.

In a second sted, you will determine the scope of your MVP and continue to measure its performance using the AARRR framework.

1 dayFrom $486.39

Detailed program


Discover Design Thinking
Understanding Lean Startup
Distinguish project culture and Product culture
Understand Product Team roles

Establish and challenge the product vision

Define an initial Product vision
Validation the problem and the target
Brainstorm and prototype
Validate solutions
Define the MVP

Improve your Product

Discover the AARRR framework
Frame your funnel
Choosing the right KPIs
Identify optimisation levers

Topics discussed

  • Lean Startup
  • Design Thinking
  • Agile
  • Analytics