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Product Academy - Volume 1

A guide to agile Product Management

This book about product management intends to be actionable and concrete, a boiled-down essence of what the job is really about, and how to go about doing it.

This book is for Product Owners and Managers working within an agile framework, who are looking to create a new product, or looking for new ways of improving their existing products. To that effect, the book is broken up into three parts that correspond to a product’s lifecycle: discovery, development and growth.

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Why this book?

Product Academy has the ambition to help product owners and managers develop their skillset. Product Managers have been around for decades in most industries, but the role is still often misunderstood when it comes to the software industry, despite the crucial importance of the product owner and manager to the development of quality software. That’s why we decided to write this book.

Throughout the following pages the team at Thiga has spilt their collective guts, and have shared all their best methods, tools, and convictions. We hope they’ll help you and your team create amazing products that will become real drivers of your company’s successes.


  • This book was written with passion by the Product Managers and Owners at Thiga

    Nicolas Blaisot-Balette, Audrey Pedro, Emilie-Anne Guerch, Benoit Emery, Maria Frih, Romain Monclus, Simon Joliveau-Breney, Cynthia Bevilacqua, Floriane Mignon, Alexandre Irrmann-Tézé, Hugo Geissmann

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